The wedding on the last summer day - the sun, beautiful lake, Aperol Spritz and a lot of beautiful people

It was a place called Herrsching near Munich. We were sailing on a ship and on the upper deck the bride and the groom said their beautiful and gentle vows to each other. Since the wedding was Russian-German, bride's friends have quirkily altered the Russian tradition of bread and salt, which the bride and groom should eat together. They replaced the bread with a salty bretzel and made a typical-russian-wedding joke - Oliver and Anastasia should bite a bretzel at the same time and the one who bites off a larger piece would be the ruler at their home. Well, Oliver won the fight

After that we danced, had some delicious food and watched a delightful sunset. I was so glad to participate in this celebration and I'm infinitely grateful to the guys for their trust.

Enjoy the photos!