Even though my birthday is in February, I still consider it to be the dullest month. I used to live In St. Petersburg before moving to Vienna and February was a particularly tough time - days were still too short, incredibly cold with some chilling wind to top it up.

Not a hint of spring coming. Here in Vienna it's much better, but still no reason to be cheerful. My mind wanders to the past summer days. One picnic day, actually.

It was a bachelorette party organized by me and a decorator in Türkenschanz park. Take a look at the photos and take note of my organization tips.


I love setting up a picnic – but it isn’t all roses, it takes a lot of work! But it definitely worth it, there is something really special about gathering with all your friends on the nature.

Here are my tips to making something beautiful, as this picnic, designed by me and my sweet decorator Serafima. It takes a bit of work to make your picnic gorgeous: ⠀

  •  Gather your favorite rugs, couple of nice pillows and if you want to add a drop of awesomeness and fanciness in your picnic try to find one or two poufs, and small coffee table. ⠀
  • Baldachin is also a very important part. Everything becomes 10 times better with a transparent cloth, which is gently blown by the wind. ⠀
  • Food, of course the most important part! We had a lot of fresh seasonal fruits like strawberry, peaches, apricots, watermelon. And also a gorgeous plate of local Austrian cheese with nuts and crackers. Then we had homemade lemonade and a bottle of good wine. Don't forget special cooler for bottles. It's a wonderful thing! And the sweetest thing - a husband of our decorator woke up very early and cooked for us several delicious cupcakes with custard and fruit.So, this spread was not only plenty of food, but a really good mix of everything for people to nibble on! ⠀
  • And final, my main tip is to consider the environment! Yes, it can be annoying lugging dishes and cutlery to the park or beach and cleaning them up when you get back home but why use plastic? We took down actual wine glasses, cutlery and some of our favorite ceramics in a basket and just cleaned it all up when we got home! We want to have these beautiful and special moments, but making sure we don’t leave a huge footprint once we’ve headed home.

Bon Appétit! Summer is coming!

Desserts provided by Hüftgold Konditorei am Meidlinger Markt thank's a lot.